Chakra Balancing ~ with Erika Arms BCND, CNHP, Reiki Master & Medical Intuitive ~ 15 mins 

Chakra Balancing ~ with Petra Arms, Reiki II Certified & Intuitive Practitioner           ~ 30 mins

The body has 7 core energy centers (chakras) and through daily life they can become blocked and out of balance. If we have a block in the energy flow of our chakras, this will lead to an imbalance and possibly to a mental-spiritual or physical dis-ease. We use a quick natural approach with Divine light energy to bring balance back. An educational handout regarding these energy centers will be provided.


Inner Illumination ~ with Petra Arms, Reiki II Certified & Intuitive Practitioner   

~ 60 mins or 90 mins

We all deserve the right to embody happiness, peace and growth. However, we often remain shackled by experiences of the past. Join Petra as you journey within to the wounds of your past and present, illuminating dark spaces that stagnate your ability to fully enjoy the delicacies of life. She helps guide you to wholeness by inspiring you to live again through the reincarnation of “real living”. Petra uses Reiki light touch to promote the highest well-being of oneself, aiding you in releasing internal blockages and stimulating the realignment of energy cores and to find yourself once again on the path you were meant to live.


Reiki Session ~ with Christine Baskin LMT, Certified Reflexologist & Reiki Master Teacher ~ 50 mins or 80 mins
Reiki: A non-invasive energy healing that works with the body's energy system to promote health and well-being of your entire physical, emotional and psychic body.  Reiki promotes stress reduction, relaxation and balancing; triggering the body’s natural healing abilities; breaking up and removing energy blockages in the body’s energy system and bringing it into balance and harmony. 

Reiki Session ~ with Jennifer VanderWal, Melody Crystal Healing Instructor, and Reiki Master Teacher ~ 60 mins

Reiki is a form of hands on energy healing from Japan. The natural ability of Reiki is to go to the symptoms, the cause, and the root of the cause. Doctors are now recognizing the powerful benefits of Reiki and are offering it in hospitals. It helps heal all types of dis-ease, quickens the body’s natural ability to heal, helps alleviate pain, stress and helps to remove blockages blocking us from healing. Your session with Jennifer will be rest and relaxation while experiencing Divine healing.



Healing Alternatives
5770 S. Main St., Suite C ~ Clarkston, Michigan ~ 48346 ~


INTUITIVE EXERCISE CLASS - 3rd Monday of the month, call in advance to register.

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