Crystalline Compass Retreat TM  


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Guanacaste, Costa Rica  


Navigate to a better you!

Explore your inner sparkle, and learn to let it shine from within...this is a self reflection retreat to learn more about navigating, and achieving,

the best version of YOU!!

Why should you come to our retreat?


Are you struggling with weight loss?

Are there health issues that are preventing a happy life?

Do you not feel desirable and worthy?

Is independence and freedom blocked in your life?

Do you wish for a more rewarding life purpose?


This retreat is designed for women that said “yes” to any of those questions. From first hand experience, you will achieve “NONE OF THOSE” goals without

reclaiming your power from within.


Some time ago, a friend (and life coach) told me that I couldn’t lose weight because of my lack of self love. My response was “Blah, blah, blah, is there a handbook for that because I’ll buy it today?" I didn’t know where to start. I knew how to lose weight, but I couldn’t get it done. How did I even know that I didn’t have self love? The truth is…I couldn’t clearly see the blocks that were preventing me from my true and happy self!
This retreat is designed to uncover what you may not know today...
and it will take all of it....Mind, Body, and Spirit...

This retreat WILL give you the jump start you need!

Journey To Health Chakra, LLC and our Gifted practitioners will be the bridge for you!
guarantee to fuel your personal transformation on reclaiming your inner light.


As your retreat Director, “I ignite and empower freedom.” This is my inner light, and I look forward to our journey together. ~ Erika Arms

Board Certified Naturopath Doctor, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Shaman, Reiki Master & Author

Retreat includes airport transfers, lodging, breakfast daily at the retreat, bottled water, and practitioner services for the week! Plus a bonus private chef for 2 days for dinner. These prices will never be this low! Guaranteed. 

If you've traveled to this destination would agree that this price to too low.
We would love to have you with us in 2020!

Provided Services

* Joining you on your journey is a Board Certified Naturopath Doctor, Medical Medium, Licensed Spiritual Healer, Yoga Instructor, experienced energy healer(s), and beautiful Divine communicators with source.

*Private kick-off "one on one" meeting w/Erika Arms & Practitioner Team

*Yoga Time

*Private Chef  - two evenings dinners covered

*Healthly Living for Mind, Body, and Spirit Education

*Chakra Balancing
*Holistic Heaven Crystal Healing Session 

*Spiritual Growth Support Readings 

*Access Bar Session 

*Create & keep a sacred Item Class
*Private closing "one on one"  meeting w/Erika Arms & Practitioner Team!


In office support after the retreat is included. 


Your services for the week are valued in excess of $1500. Yes, that's a lot!

Why Costa Rica?

*A divine location to slow the mind down. "In silence is where you hear your inner voice." 
*Local exotic animals gives a new appreciation for all life.

*Great location for photographers and hikers. 
*It's well suited for grounding the mind and body as the country sits on lava rock. 

*Ocean, beach, warm weather, relaxation....

breathtaking views.

*Learn about Costa Rica's culture, wonderful food, and local life.

*Retreat location sits on a shamanic buriel ground.

*Discover of the essence of Pura Vida (pure life) from a Costa Rican point of view.

*Panoramic ocean views.

*Exursions available for every type of traveler.

*A teaching that LIFE doesn't have to be full of noise.




Self investment?

We are offering payment plans or financing is available through our merchant company. Depending on your preferred rooming package, the prices vary:

$2795 per peron  - Twin Bed, shared room

$2895 per person - Double Bed, shared room

$2990  per person - Queen Bedroom Suite w/private bath (bed must be shared)


Payment dates:

Deposit - $500 to hold your spot.
2nd Payment - $995 - May 1, 2020
Final balance due - August 15, 2020

If this doesn't work, financing is available for your convenience.



Your transformation home for the week! 

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Contracts must be signed and approved by retreat director prior to accepting reservation.

Classes are coming soon!

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