Intuitive Guidance ~ with Erika Arms BCND, CNHP, Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master, Shaman & Author ~ 15, 30, or 60 mins

An intuitive scan can include, but not limited to, energy blocks limiting your full life fulfillment, energy disturbances in the body, spirit animal messengers, home scans, and/or messages from loved ones. More importantly, Divine spirit will provide you with the information you need at this time, and specifically for you. This scan can be done via phone or office visit. Erika is clairvoyant but may use various tools to obtain the Divine information you need.


Break Through Coaching ~ with Marie Martin, Inner Beauty Cultivator & Access Bar Practitioner ~ per hour

Break through coaching occurs over several appointments and conversations!   Together we look at your needs, abilities and personal processes to help you find your solution or next action step. We will check in on your support for your life methodology and how your goals are pursued.  Ultimately you will gain clarity and find steps that bring you closer to those goals and achievements. In some cases, you may be offered suggestions or guidance on topics to assist in a breakthrough. What you can expect in a coaching session is a 100% judgment free zone! Where you take back responsibly for yourself, and thus your power.  You will get encouragement to overcome and have a faithful cheerleader who will hold you as powerful, even when you feel weak.




Inner Beauty Cultivation ~ with Marie Martin, Inner Beauty Cultivator & Access Bar Practitioner ~ per hour

The process of Inner Beauty Cultivation combines Fashion, Style Coaching, and Life Coaching to help you deliberately cultivate yourself into the woman you want to be. This process will be highly reflective and rewarding. Together we will set both personal, and image goals to help you connect with your true self. Learn to project who you really are!


Point of Power Reading ~ with Marie Martin, Inner Beauty Cultivator & Access Bar Practitioner ~ 30 mins

A Point of Power Reading can help you find your hidden potential or strength. This style of reading centers around you as a person, what you have coming into your life or leaving.  To help you grow with a full range of knowledge of self, allowing you to find the person you wish to be.  This reading can be very helpful to clear up issues with confusion.  Using her skill as a practitioner of energy Marie will help guide you to understand your path.  With skill and knowledge, she will use both her intuition and oracle cards to tap into the energy around you and share guidance.   Her gift as a memory helps her unravel the circumstance of the past to help you grow into your fuller experience of self.







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