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Erika Arms BCND, CNHP, Medical Intuitive, Shaman, Reiki Master & Author


Erika is the founder of Journey To Health Chakra, LLC. She is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, a Licensed Spiritual Healer, and a Certified Natural Health Professional. Her spiritual gifts started at the early age of 9 and realized in her early 20’s that synthetic aids did not work for her. Erika believes, and knows first-hand that healing begins with the mind, body, and spirit.  "The body heals itself, given the right conditions…but we need to embrace all elements ~." Through life experiences and education, she will teach you the right conditions to assist you on your journey. After she spent 25 years in corporate America, she knew there was a greater plan, so she opened her center in the fall of 2015. If your guided to see Erika, her services range from intuitive guidance, RBTI testing, biofeedback methods, soul retrievals and chakra balancing.  She is a teacher at heart, an earth keeper, and part of the humanity movement in love, light, and free will.

Petra Arms, Melody Crystal Healing Facilitator, Reiki II, Intuitive Practitioner, and Yoga Instructor


Petra is a powerful healer who loves working with the insights of younger generations!

She has embodied intuitive and empathic abilities helping guide her through healing sessions to promote the highest well-being and energetic re-alignment. The human body consists of 7 core energy centers, referred to as “chakras”. Each chakra correlates to specific organs, body systems and emotions. When we notice ourselves feeling drained or unable to fully be present in our lives this is the body letting us know dis-ease has began to manifest on a spiritual, emotional, mental and lastly, a physical level. She is dedicated to guiding individuals into embodying their own divine essence, aiding them to live their most organic and abundant filled life! Petra enjoys working with the energies of the inner child as well as the wounds of the present to help you embrace the surrounding complexity and beauty of life.

Petra became aware of her Gifts from the early age of 6, and now as a young adult, she is beyond her years in knowledge of the Divine feminine, spirit, and her mission in this life. Petra has a passion for nature, animals, and plants. She is currently studying Medical Intuition and energy centers in the body that are a necessity for balancing life. In the fall, 2019, Petra continued her education in Bali, Indonesia to become a Yoga Instructor. 

Classes are coming soon!

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