Come and lay down on our state of the art Biomat technology that synergizes three components (negative ion generation, far infrared light generation, and amethyst crystals) offering a unique combination of therapeutic applications to support both your body and mind on the path to a higher level of well-being. Come and visit our private Biomat room today!
30 MINUTE Amethyst Biomat Infrared Session ~ 30 minutes
60 MINUTE Amethyst Biomat Infrared Session ~ 60 minutes


Feel free to add this option at no extra cost with your Biomat visit....HYPNOSIS GUIDED MEDITATION 


Sit back, relax and enjoy the process of changing your life! Your session will include rest and relaxation on our state of the art Biomat while you train your mind and body to make positive changes in your life. Our headset listening library has over 700 items to choose from. This is scientifically proven to create a healthier mind and body.


BACH FLOWERS ~ $20/energy bottle

Dr. Bach began using these energic flowers in 1920 to balance his patients, and today, we continue to learn the healing frequencies these flowers provide. Your energy supplement will be designed for you containing up to 7 flowers with specific healing energy to balance mind, body, and spirit.  


BREAST THERMOGRAPHY ~ $185/30 minutes

Infrared Thermology has redefined early detections for breast cancer by providing the earliest and most sensitive means of screening according to Dr. Parvis Gamagami, Thermology detects risk factors 5-8 years sooner than mammography. No pain, no ionizing radiation exposure, no contact, no breast compression, non-invasive, no dyes or contract mediums. JTHC holds 2 events a year; April and October. Call to schedule in advance; $25 deposit is required to hold your spot.



The foot bath is a detoxification process using positive and negative ions in a warm salt water bath.  Ionic detox has been shown to remove toxins, free radicals and body waste products that can cause health problems. Come and visit our private foot bath room and start your detox today!

Ionic Foot Bath ~ $40/35 minutes
FRIEND (2 people) Ionic Foot Bath ~ $30/35 minutes each person


EAR CANDLING ~ $45/30 minutes

We use organic cotton and food grade wax candles. This is an alternative option if you have excessive ear blockages due to an infection or swimmer’s ear. Service includes ear candles.


HOUSE CLEARING ~ $250/60-80 minutes

Clearing negative energy from your home, or workplace is essential for the well-being of yourself, family, and clients. If you suspect that the energy you spend most of your time in feels heavy, then a house clearing would be an excellent idea! Also recommended for new home purchases and/or if your current home is not selling quick enough. This is a team effort with our shamans, Joe Pahl and Erika Arms; both will provide intuitive guidance and clearing. This service is offered within a 20-mile radius from our office; beyond 20 miles will be quoted separately.


Healing Alternatives
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