Reiki Energy Healing


What is Reiki? 


“Rei” means universal life as “Ki” means source of energy, so in all Reiki is the healing art that utilizes universal life source energy which all life and reality is made of - the vibrations of pure Divine Light & Love.

Reiki can be light touch, or no touch at all, but is a healing art that eradicates any energetic blockages and follows through with vibrationally attuning you to the universal source at which it comes. 


The practitioner acts as a vessel where the Reiki energy flows through and to the recipient. This healing art modality encourages healing and vibrational elevation on all layers of existence - energetic, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Leaving the recipient realigned, rejuvenated, and relaxed.




Reiki Chakra Balance w/ Petra ~ 30 or 60 min.



Chakras are core energy centers that correlate to specific ways of being, emotions, relations with others, sensations, memories and so on. There are 7 main chakras practiced in the western culture which are found within the physical body stationed in a vertical linear fashion following the spine, beginning at the pelvic region and ending at the crown of the head. 


However, these are not the only chakras humans have - we in fact have hundreds of energy centers found within the inner and outermost layers of the auric field as well as many others in the physical body.


In this session the focus will be catered to the "main" 7 chakras in the body, as well as your Earth Star and Soul Star Chakra - each chakra will receive an energetic attunement and cleansing.


As we go through our days certain interactions, events and thoughts can alter the clarity within our chakras and overall being - which then bogs us down and creates a domino effect of disruptions. 


Reiki Chakra Balances evoke clarity, peace, balance and Earth grounding.






Melody Crystal Healing w/ Petra 90 min.


Melody Crystal Healing is the laying of stones & laying of hands practice, created by Melody. Crystals help to illuminate stagnant energy, magnify personal intentions and amplify the energy coming through as Reiki - each crystal mineral correlates with specific functions - ie: rose quartz helps enhance self love, compassion and trust… whereas blue kyanite enhances open communication and strengthens your ability to express your truth.


In this session you will first be energetically opened up through a chakra cleanse to allow the coming Reiki energy to more easily penetrate the layers of the body. To follow, Petra personally & intuitively hand selects from her crystals a specific crystal grid to compliment your own intentions for the session as well as selecting the certain minerals to help you most eradicate any stagnant energy. 


As you lay with the crystal grid on your body the remaining time within the session is to send Reiki energy to push out the many things that are sifted up. Old energies are replaced with illuminating light energy so you feel connected and embodied. Crystals are powerful tools which aid in the manifestation of the particular recipient's highest good.


Melody Crystal Healing is reality shifting, bringing illumination to mental and emotional habits, eradication of toxic cords/connections and ultimately reminds you of your incredible loving Divine essence.  This session is energetically detoxing the deepest crevices of the mind, body and spirit - leave feeling inspired, clear minded, weightless and cleansed.





Tibetan Heart Pulsing w/ Petra 90 min.


Tibetan Heart Pulsing is an ancient technique used to synchronize the energy centers of the body with the pulse or beat of the heart. If you are looking for a HUGE heart opener this is the session for you. Life can have you feeling down and have your heart contracted. This makes the daily experience on Earth feel like you are disconnected, confused and unclear which only adds to an increase in stress, anxiety, anger and instantaneous triggers. 


When the energy centers in the body are synchronized to beat at the same pulse as your heart, the layers of the body begin to work in unison. When each center is connected to the heart you will be overflowed with love, gratitude and remembrance of your truest infinite self. 


Tibetan Heart Pulsing is all about re-centering your mind, body and soul, connecting back with your heart center so you can move through each day with inspiration, motivation, and trust that all is working out in divine timing.


Everything is happening FOR you, not TO you.





Reiki & Chakra Balancing ~ w/Erika ~ 50 minutes

The body has 7 core energy centers (chakras) and through daily life they can become blocked and out of balance. If we have a block in the energy flow of our chakras, this will lead to an imbalance and possibly to a mental-spiritual or physical dis-ease. Erika uses a quick natural approach with Divine Light energy to bring balance back. An educational handout regarding these energy centers will be provided.


Reiki Session ~ w/Christine ~ 50 minutes
Reiki: A non-invasive energy healing that works with the body's energy system to promote health and well-being of your entire physical, emotional, and psychic body.  Reiki promotes stress reduction, relaxation, and balancing; triggering the body’s natural healing abilities; breaking up and removing energy blockages in the body’s energy system and bringing it into balance and harmony. 


Shamanic Soul Retrieval ~ w/Erika ~ 60 minutes

This appointment may include soul retrieval, extraction healing, animal totem retrieval, illumination/past-life regression, chakra healing and balancing, energy healing, and chats. Erika is a full mesa shaman who was taught by Joe Pahl, a very gifted and powerful shaman. If you feel you keep repeating some limiting or destructive behaviors; or feel your life is stuck and cannot move forward, you can learn how by removing imprints and dream a new life into being. Spirit is always wanting to communicate us! Just take a moment to listen.










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