Healthy Living Baseline ~ w/Erika ~ packaged into 2 appointments

(20 mins. initial visit and 60 min. consultation 1-2 weeks later)

Today the naturopaths’ role is to use the healing power of nature to promote the body’s innate ability to heal itself, and promote total well-being of the mind, body, and spirit.  Your appointment will include RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization) screening which is a urine and saliva review that is done in advance of your hour appointment. This program addresses a “whole” lifestyle. If you are experiencing illness or disease, your body is out of balance. We will encourage and teach you the tools to heal yourself. Iridology, and an intuitive scan is included with a bonus Bach Flower energy tincture designed just for you. A $95 deposit is required at the first appointment.


RBTI Progress Review  ~ w/Erika  ~ 30 mins

This is a re-check from the Baseline appointment and is recommended as a follow-up 4-6 weeks after the initial appointment; and “whole” life-style practices have been implemented.  A two-hour fasting of food, gum, and drink is required; water is acceptable up to 15 minutes prior to arrival.


General Visit  ~ w/Erika ~ (15 min.); (30 min.); (60 min.)

Your visit can include mind, body, and spirit discussions and progress on your healing journey. Bio feedback tools are available to review energy balances in the body with regards to supplements and/or food. These visits are great for intuitive dialogue. An intuitive scan can include, but not limited to, energy blocks limiting your full life fulfillment, energy disturbances in the body, spirit animal messengers, home scans, and/or messages from loved ones. More importantly, Divine spirit will provide you with the information you need at this time, and specifically for you. This scan can be done via phone or office visit.


BioGenesis System Scan ~ w/Erika ~ packaged into 2 appointments

30 mins. initial visit, and 50 min. consultation 1-2 weeks later 

The BioGenesis System provides a completely non-invasive method for gaining valuable information about your body’s vital functions. The primary objective of the screening is to disclose patterns of stress and provide feedback that will assist in developing a program to restore each system and meridian to balance. If you're out of state, no problem; call the office and we can coordinate a remote meeting. Scan includes imprint sent in person, or remote.


Reiki & Chakra Balancing ~ w/Erika ~ 50 minutes

The body has 7 core energy centers (chakras) and through daily life they can become blocked and out of balance. If we have a block in the energy flow of our chakras, this will lead to an imbalance and possibly to a mental-spiritual or physical dis-ease. Erika uses a quick natural approach with Divine Light energy to bring balance back. An educational handout regarding these energy centers will be provided.


Are you serious about the investment in you? 


Today the naturopaths’ role is to use the healing power of nature to promote the body’s innate ability to heal itself, and promote total well-being of the mind, body, and spirit.  This package is designed for the client that is seeking long term wellness and is committed to bringing the mind, body, and spirit back to equilibrium.

Package duration is designed for 6-12 months of support and includes:


Healthy Living Baseline w/RBTI
RBTI Review 4-6 weeks after Baseline
BioGenesis System Scan
30 min. General Visit at 2 months
30 min. General Visit at 4 months

30 min. General Visit at 6 months

30 min. General Visit at 12 months

BONUS – $100 credit towards any other service(s) currently offered at JTHC (Exclusion is breast thermography and products.)

“Achieve It” Weight Loss Program ~ w/Erika ~


This program is not only designed for you to lose weight, but it gives you the education to implement a permanent healthy lifestyle. This package includes the Journey To Health Package, DNA Genetique, and our “Achieve It” Weight Loss Program. No program can be successful without support, so we include 15-minute phone consultations for 12 months with a qualified client coach. DNA Genetique offers insights into 6 major categories of weight and wellness health. This is based on your DNA so you can to live up to your genetic potential from food choices, exercise, general health, behavior motivation, vitamins and much more. To increase your success in weight loss, we are including an Omni Cleanse Detox! We are ready, are you?


We have partnerships with succesfull detox specialists. If you're interested, we have offerings starting in March and August of each year. This takes a lifestyle change, and we know, first hand, it takes support and coaching to implement successfully. 





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